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Alter clique (Pty) Ltd transports and supplies
the bulk purchase of the following commodities and lubricants:



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Our Core Values

Shared Value

Socio-economic empowerment is critical in meeting our moral objectives and will assist in establishing shared vision and partnership in the communities we operate in. With the opportunities and essential business skills training, our people will be empowered and understand mutually beneficial practices as well as the safeguarding of the sectors they are actively involved in. This vision should hopefully encourage people and future generations to become economically active by creating small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs).


South Africa is an emerging market with a positive outlook on growth. For an emerging economy to grow it needs efficient transportation solution that will link the country’s value chain. Our services at Alter Clique Energy are timeous and economically efficient. We pride ourselves on delivering the needs and requirements of all our customers.


With safety and compliance as key values that bind us with our customers, Alter Clique Energy utilizes state of the art software applications/technology in both management and transport operations to improve communications, safety and other HSSE compliance. Technological applications like Mix telematics, seeing machine, I-cam and Drive-cam are utilized in view of the critical function they play, these software’s allow our company to minimize the risks associated with transporting dangerous goods.


Excellent customer service is the primary activity in any organization. It is the character of the organization, and the reason customers work with us. Without customers there is no business. We at Alter Clique Energy understand that customers are the pillar of our organization. We take time to understand their needs because we exist to address their concerns.

Key Factors

We are in the business of transporting fuel , but on a daily we manage risk.

Our Drivers

Alter Clique Energy Drivers and our technical support team are trained specialists in hazardous goods transportations. Our team is trained and focused on safety, health, environment, risk, and quality; this ensures we can deliver on our commitment to excellent service. Adequate training and refresher trainings are conducted annually to ensure expected standards are instilled in our team.

Risk Management

Alter Clique contracts the best available software applications/technology in management and transport operations to improve communications tools, safety, and other HSSE compliance requirements to ensure adherence to safety and other HSSE requirements. Additionally, with risk mitigated, our operations are clear to the minds of our customers and stakeholders. We utilize the following apps to ensure optimum performance on our fleet and mitigate risk, mix telematics, Drive-cam, and Seeing machine.

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